Fixed Glass Windows

Fixed Glass Windows

Fixed glass windows are available in a huge variety of shapes, styles and sizes at our store. A massive collection of products is available for storefronts, large window dressings, skylights and stairwells. Also, other options like Floor to ceiling windows that make houses more elegant and desirable are offered. We have a vast amount of design options available for various types of needs.

There are plenty of benefits of fixed glass windows. They provide better insulation since they are fixed in their place and can’t be opened. If you want you can increase the number of glass sheets to provide you with extra insulation.

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They are perfect for places where air passage and ventilation is not needed. Somewhere, where view and light are the primary concerns. They provide a gorgeous view of the outside and make your establishment look more elegant and sleek. They also make your establishment more energy efficient as there is uninterrupted access to light. Also, the insulation provided by the windows makes you use less energy to keep your room warm and you save resources. They are more economical as there are no additional moving parts or accessories like handles or lock mechanisms. They are also really low maintenance, in other words, they are easy to clean and handle.

Different types and styles of windows suited for different types of rooms and spaces are present in our collection. Round windows, circle top windows, oval windows, octagon windows and triangle windows are included in many of the offerings made by our store. The quality of our products is top-notch, which exceeds Australian quality and safety standards.