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Aluminum Door Frame

Set the house tone of your offices, shops, and home with our versatile range of door frames. We are using Aluminum because it is environmentally friendly and it can recycle. These frames can stand in harsh environmental conditions and extreme weather.

The Aluminum window door frames are combining with reliable and durable. They are lightweight but durable, which can shape in a modern structure with sharp modern shape into your projects. Its contemporary looks make it a priority of architecture, engineering, designers, and contracture are looking into Aluminum frames windows and doors for building and domestic use.

Our frames are what are easy in installation with numerous features that provide multiple facilities every time. These door frames are a feature with sidelight that gives modern and extravagant looks to your offices. Our Aluminum door frames are energy efficient.

You can create a perfect entrance with our vast range of door frames, mainly with Aluminum. If you are interested in the ideal gate, laundry doors, side door, a practical office partition, we are offering a wide range of customized door frames. These customized door frames can modify according to individual needs.

We manufacture door frame suitable for a double glaze with side lighting feature. This feature helps to control environmental conditions. For example, it can help in regulating temperature such as a warm room in winter and sustain room temperature in summer by keeping it fresh.

Our doors frame a distinct design that provides professional looks to your offices. The end look of your building project will stand out.

Features And Benefits of Our Door Frames Are;

  • Our door frames have clean finishing till wall lining.
  • We have wide ranges of profiles that fulfill modern architectural needs.
  • Our frames fit the size of stander doors. But we have frame sizes which can customize as per requirement.
  • Our door frames are energy effective due to its feature of temperature control that makes them energy saving and climate control.
  • We offer our door frames in attractive colors.
  • The beautiful glass combined with Aluminum frames help you out in creating the new luxury range.