Bifold Windows

Bi-fold Windows

The High-Performance Bi fold windows feature a substantial custom framing system to provide the strength and performance required in custom Residential and high-end architectural applications.

Bi-fold aluminium folding window move and feel like no other, because they’re made like no other. Bi fold aluminium folding window incorporates a technologically advanced folding window system that surpasses that of ordinary aluminium folding windows. Utilizing Effortless Motion Technology (EMT™) Artisan aluminium folding window create harmony, balance and a greater sense of ease.

The obsession with precision and flawless motion makes Artisan aluminium folding windows simply perfect. At the heart of it all – ‘Smart Hinge’ and ‘Easy Gliding’ Channel makes bi-fold window quietly the best and smoothest windows on the market. The design and build of this window type allow the little area to open and clearance the window. These windows allow living area expansion and provide lifetime reliability.

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  • With its beautiful clean finish, strength and sleek styling
  • Premium quality for standard and architectural framing system
  • Large capacity single and double glazing options
  • Heavy-duty rollers system for seamless operation
  • Exclusively designed components to improve the system’s performance & function.
  • Make fantastic servery windows
  • Create the appearance of a larger room
  • Fold neatly so as to not intrude on your living space
  • Make spaces feel instantly larger and brighter without any major renovation work
  • Allow for uninterrupted views
  • Heavy duty roller, capable of taking 75kg load per panel
  • Tested water performance for both inward and outward opening configurations
  • Effortless Motion Technology (EMT™) for flawless operation
  • Top rolling system for smooth operation
  • Australian Window Association 2017 Highly Commended Design Award – Euro spigot connectors
  • Maximum Panel Height 1500mm
  • Maximum Panel Width 800mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 22mm
  • SHGC Range 0.25 0.57
  • Uw Range 3.6 6.1