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What is the Door
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What is The Door?

Door, the gateway to enter the house, or leave it. The definition of the door is not stopped here. The door can be used anywhere like the room, garage, bathroom, children’s room. It is a pathway to getting entered for humans, for the vehicle, any other things.

The basic reason od the door is to provide an extra layer of security and safety to your house. Like if you are planning to go out, have a strong door is necessary to keep out the burglars from your house. The interior doors are different from the outer doors that can be accessible by others. Well there for there a variety of doors in the market in any sense. Like in material, color, security, and others.

Types of Doors:

Paneled Door Type:

These types of doors are frequently used in the interior of the house and can be seen in any home. The frame of it made with wood and shutter panels of the wood, plywood, or any board. Many styles were made in these doors. They come in many verities like the glass,

Metal Door Type:

The steel of other materials like aluminum, PVC are used to build them are start from many years now. Because they are effective and very strong compared to others. These are good alternatives to wood-framed or glass framed doors for extra security.


PVC is more known with the term plastic, as the plastic used in every product now like pipeline, water tanks, fitting, and others. The making of doors in PVC also preferable, and people love it. It can be used as the interior doors of the house. They are available in many colors and styles. They are lightweight and straight forward to produce and setup. They are no match for any outdoor doors because they are so much heavy and made of wood or form any metal. These are cost-effective and easily available from anywhere in the market.

Flush Doors:

Flush doors are the smooth door, made with plywood or fiberboard. These doors are used mostly as the interior doors of the house. Although many variants of these doors can be used as outside doors in homes, the frame of these doors can be constructed with wood or steel. They provide a sleek and pleasing look to your home.

Ledged Door Type:

These are the simplest form of the doors that are used form a long time ago. These doors are made with some vertical wood slates. These doors and commonly see in toilets and baths. Or you can use them as a primary door where is security can’t be an issue.

Glass Type Doors:

Glass type doors are used mostly in the most modern house, and these doors offer your home a viewing angle of your back garden or yard. In these types of doors, care is needed to guarantee your privacy and sturdiness. These are more expensive and require more effort to build and keep them up.

Aluminum Doors:

Aluminum holds the many areas in the market, from trash cans to planes. In this category, many things were made out of aluminum like windows, doors, frames, shutters, and other things. This material provides several advantages that you can enjoy as this material can last long, rust-free, not need any maintenance, and others. Termites are the big reason behind that not everyone loves about the wood. As aluminum also termite-free, so people prefer the aluminum frame to have them for their solutions in windows and doors.

Wood or Timber:

As wood o timber hare from many decades now. The first door made out forms this material. You can say that this is the pillar of manifesting the doors and windows. The primary benefit of wood or timber is that it is easily available, straight forward to work with. Now many ranges, styles, colors are available in the market and choice of them upon your area or your needs.

Fiberglass Door:

Fiberglass is known as the most satisfying product within its low price range upon its advantages as compared to wood and steel. Doors that are made out of it can be used for both purposes, outside and interior.

These are some types of doors are available in the market, and MIR windows are one of the leading companies in many others in Australia who provide you the most reasonable and unique products in all Australia for your home and property. Well, these are the types now look at what kinds of styles indoors that we are offering you.

Hinged Doors:

Hinged doors are the most usable door style that is hare for many years. The one end of the door installed on the hinges where the other side can swing to open and close in space.

Dutch Doors:

Dutch doors are easy to recognize because of their style. These are divided horizontally and have two different panels on the top and bottom. These doors and famous in the pub, bars, or cooking like areas.

Pocket Doors:

Pocket doors are very few doors as you judge by the name. They used very little spaces and hare for many years from now. It is a single door and used where very little space.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Perfect for business workplaces, retail, clinical institutions, and training programmed sliding doors are a basic and simple arrangement, fabricated to give strong, enduring execution. We offer custom sizes and arrangements to suit your details. Different business glass choices within Australian Standards accessible.

Fold Stacking Doors

Comprising of at least two sheets of glass clung to an aluminum spacer bar and isolated by a hermetically fixed air or argon occupied space. The Double Glass Unit adds to vitality productivity by keeping rooms cooler in summer and hotter in winter months.

Roller Doors:

Roller doors are used in garages or storage facilities. But they are now in trend to use them as in living areas. They are available in motorized control.


Bifold is the set of the doors, witch hinged together in one another. These doors are installed on a track and typically used in utility rooms like areas like kitchen and closet.

If you are searching for a good looking and the door that fulfills all your needs, then you have to go for MIR windows. Who can help you to choose the best door for your home or your kind building? We have almost any kind, any material and any type of building that you want. Get your free quote now.