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Stacking Doors In Australia
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Stacking Doors In Australia:

There are a lot of questions asking about the stacking doors. Many of us can’t even hear about them. Like what are stacking doors? Who they work? What they are used or why they are popular among the more modern houses? Well, we are here to talk about Stacking doors in Australia.

First of all, you all know about the sliding doors; these are like them but have more moving parts or rollers then the sliding one.

One example of a stacker or stacking door you can find in the houses you can find the shower screens, where two panels slide back and stack on top of the first. These doors made with the glass and aluminum framing around them to make it more strengthened and sturdy all the way.

How Does A Stacker Door Work?

A door with aluminum framing around the glass, with long and narrow panels, that slide on a rail. There are stops mechanism connected to the insides edges of the panels that allow them to engage the next panel.

Where Can I Use The Stacker Door?

This totally depends on your choice, and you can enjoy the view to install them as an exterior door or may use them as a shower screen.

The framing of the door is totally made with aluminum, but other materials are also used to make them, like in wood, PVC, and others. Aluminum looks more attractive and sturdy than all, even more, convinced to work with and do not have the issues of rust.

If you are thinking about having them as the exterior solution of your house, then remember that the heat comes very quickly with these doors in single glazed, untreated glass. Use double glazed doors or low e-glass solar panel film to control the heat loss.

I hope now your every query and question that is in your mind is now clear. One problem remains, and where can I found the best stacking doors in Australia?

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