Double Hung | Sashless Windows

Double Hung | Sashless Windows

Double Hung Sashless Windows

The Double Hung/Sashless windows feature a substantial 47mm to 125mm framing system to provide the strength and performance required in standard Residential and high-end architectural applications.

Double Hung Window

Double Hung Window is designed around delivering a clean, beautiful appearance which blends very easily with a range of custom and architectural styles. Standard features such as full width integrated finger pulls on the upper and lower sashes aid ease of operation and avoid interfering with blinds and curtains or other internal window treatments. Both standard and key lockable cam latches are also available. Double hung windows are common and familiar window type know to people. These are moveable windows.

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The main key feature of double-hung window is the good ventilation properties. You can open the sash halfway around or you can open the whole window any way you like. You can enjoy the natural flow of air through the lower lowering opening or upper opening as well. These windows are easy to clean from inside and outside as well.

Our collection of products contains a large variety of sashless windows. Our store is providing sashless windows that are double-hung windows which consist of two or more movable panels that operate vertically or horizontally. The glass panes are made of counterbalanced glass which opens independently of each other. They are effective for places where ventilation and unobstructed views are required. Our windows come with unnoticeable handles and excellent locking systems.

Our double-hung sashless windows will give your house a more aesthetically pleasing look. As the name suggests sashless windows don’t have aluminium or wooden sashes around the glass panels. Without the sashes, your window gets a more sleek and chic look. They are a perfect option for places where you want a clear, unobstructed view. When closed they completely block external factors like moisture and insects.

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According to your needs, you can choose either vertical operating or horizontal operating options. Each has its benefits and disadvantages. Different designs and sizes are a part of our extensive collection. Our products are both practical and classy.

They also provide security and safety from unwanted intruders and keep your loved ones safe. High-quality material is used in their production which makes them sturdy and long-lasting. They are also easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a good glass cleaning solution.

We take pride in the quality products and top-notch service we provide to our customers. If you need any help, contact our talented and friendly professionals, who will not only guide you but will also, provide you with a free quote.

Benefits & Features

  • Neat, very clean appearance
  • Slimline profiles finish
  • Lockable hardware options available
  • Continuous integrated finger pulls for smooth of operation Integrated insect
  • Security screening available Engineered sash balances for easy adjustment
  • Maximum weather protection Very Improved ventilation Increased safety and security
  • With its beautiful clean finish, strength and sleek styling
  • Premium quality for standard and architectural framing system
  • Large capacity single and double glazing options
  • Exclusively designed components to improve the system’s performance & function.
  • Maximum Panel Height* 1007mm
  • Maximum Panel Width* 1080mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness ≤ 22mm
  • SHGC Range 0.19 0.57
  • Uw Range 3.7 6.5

Why Double Hung Aluminium Window ?