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Balustrade Fencing Sydney
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Balustrade Fencing Sydney

A Little Knowledge About Balustrade:

you might not know about the balustrade, you might found lining on many staircases and terraces, the balustrade is the row of small columns on the top of a rail. The name comes from Italy, the balustrade has multiple functions. The major impact is to reduce the possibility of someone falling from stairs or from a terrace and roof. It can be used as a purpose of security and privacy. In early days balustrades come from ancient bes-reliefs in between 13th  and 7th centries b.c. now balustrade commonly used in railing system.

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The balustrade is railing supported by a series of balusters or balustrade. Some times they know as a protective wall and found on balconies or terraces. Their balusters are even in space and supported by posts. Sometimes they are used to measure or define a space like a surround the bed in kings’ bedchamber in the palace of Versailles.

What Is The Purpose Of Balustrade?

You need balustrades fencing because of laws, it depends on the height of the deck or balcony. Under the building codes laws, a balustrade of at least a meter high is recommended and required.

 For decks that are more than a meter high from the ground, balustrade cannot be greater the 125mm. for 4 meters above from the ground, the balustrade is located between 150mm to 760mm above the ground.

Types Of Balustrade:

There are some kind of balustrade available in the market upon buyers choice and needs like

Wrought Iron:

The balustrade is available in wrought iron that is stylish and also provides security to a balcony or deck. You can choose any type of colors that are available in this. Or you can have your own customized color. It’s very strong and robust material that can be rot and rust like aluminum and timber.


Wood balustrade provides you the most classic look above all the verities. If you love the classic design that must be your favorite choice. You can paint or stained the color you like on this wood balustrade. You can create your own design by doing carved, left sleek or more depending upon your choice or need.


Glass balustrade offers you a classic but most modern look. That provides you a beautiful view. It provides you also security and safety as they made from the toughest glass. They also use as a wind blocker or barrier to creating a cozy adventure in your home.

Stainless Steel:

This is also a modern approach of balustrade fencing Sydney. It uses because of its work well with other kinds of materials like wood or glass. It can be used for both purposes outdoor or indoor.

Strand Wire:

Strand wire balustrade is known for their easy to maintain, it can be used on stairs and balconies. It’s a premium product and more expensive to others it’s kind.


The aluminum balustrade is known for its cost-effective approach.they are very durable, and need very little maintenance. They can be used for outdoor or inside use. Aluminum is a perfect option in all kinds of weather. with the availability of powder coating, you can have more than enough to chose what color you want.


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